Monday, July 7, 2008

girl in corsets and skirt

973, originally uploaded by MarisaS.

Now, where will you take me?latex, leather & corsets

Janno Joliat2007 says:
This would be great for Feminine elegance.
Posted 7 months ago. ( permalink )

barnowl1 says:
Kid gloves, clutch, black pencil skirt and a look that could crush ice - my kind of woman
Posted 6 months ago. ( permalink )

Philippe S says:
Absolutely elegant, perfect and sensual !!!
Posted 6 months ago. ( permalink )

verdieping 6 [deleted] says:
love the background. great image.(!)
Posted 5 months ago. ( permalink )

Dario Bologna says:
the background is fantastic!
the same for the "icoming" light..
Posted 4 months ago. ( permalink )

upntalking says:
Wow, what a silhouette! I love such high-end pics of women in kid gloves. More!
Posted 4 months ago. ( permalink )

Jan Bassett says:
"Round the world andf back again"
Posted 3 months ago. ( permalink )

xdnt photography says:
Great and strong lighting, the shapes are fluid, that's an excellent shot.


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